How to Read Risk 'OFF' or Risk 'ON' Sentiment

Forex with Avanza?

Has anyone done Forex trading with Avanza?, I have been having a look at it, but looks a bit weird inside Avanza.....I went inside this so called "Avanza Markets" but, they show the currency pairs in a weird manner, with some weird names, that makes me confused... I have not been able to find a clear, for example, EUUSD pair to trade.
Anyone using Forex trading in Avanza?, if yes, can ISK account's benefits be used for Forex?
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Trading ISK pairs

I cannot find a US Broker that trades ISK (Icelandic Krona). However, I am not sure if my research is accurate - i am not 100pct sure their ads are only listing popular pairs, not all the pairs they offer. Ive looked ar Oanda, forex dot com, and td ameritrade and as far as i can tell, they do not.
I know ISK trading was suspended in 2008 during their banking crisis but assume it is resumed?
Are there any UK or Eu brokers that handle it? Im having a hard time googling any useful information other than currecy conversions.
Any help appreciated, thx
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Should I exchange my ISK to EUR/GBP?

I'm new here, this is actually my first post.
I worked in Iceland, this Summer, and since I've noticed that the value of the krona just keeps on falling, I was wondering if I should exchange the ISK I saved to EUR (or even GBP, since I'm in the UK, now).
Does anyone actually know, with some certainty, whether the ISK will just keep on dropping or actually improve, in the next 10 months?
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Iceland central bank considers scrapping 5000/10000kr.(isk.) banknotes.

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Best Foreign Exchange Rates in Chicago

I did a cursory search for the best foreign exchange rates in Chicago but it didn't return any relevant results.
I am wondering if there is a forex outlet (preferably downtown) that reliably offers better rates than the banks?
For example, where I live in Canada, an outlet downtown offers rates on the order of 1% better than my retail bank.
Comments recommending I take out USD in Canada or use my Credit/Debit card are not helpful in this case :)
Currently I am looking at: Perhaps someone has experience with them?
For those curious as to why... I have leftover Icelandic Krona (ISK) I want to exchange to USD. To do so in Canada would require ISK +FEE CAD +FEE USD. I would rather just do the following ISK +FEE USD.
I appreciate your consideration and help.
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Auroracoin needs Currency code ISA before it can fully supercede ISK

For future-proofing I recommend using the ISO currency code ISA instead of AUR, as the ISO-codes ISA through ISZ are reserved for Iceland.
AU codes, including AUR, are reserved for Australia. So, if the new currency looks like displacing the ISK, then it will have a further advantage for being theoretically acceptable by SIX standards and more easily handled in mainstream forex and financial accounting systems.
The discussion about XBT for Bitcoin which is also relevant here.
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